Directions: by car

From Venice and the A4 highway or from Udine (border with Austria) on the A23 Highway, after the Lisert toll continue to the exit Trieste Sistiana-Strada Costiera. After exiting, continue along the SS/SR14 to the city center. Once you reach Piazza Libertà/Trieste Centrale Train Station, you are obligated to turn right, go straight until the 4th stoplight, where you turn left (Piazza Tommaseo). Take Via Canal Piccolo and continue straight until Corso Italia and, once you are past Piazza Goldoni, along Corso Umberto Saba until you arrive in front of Zenzero&Cannella.

From Lubliana, once past the country border Sezana/Fernetti, enter the SS58 /Strada per Vienna (not the highway) towards Trieste Centro/Opicina. Follow signs to Trieste Centro along Via Nazionale and continue on via Fabio Severo. At the stoplight go straight on Via Ghega and turn left on Via Roma. Go straight to Corso Italia at the mandatory left turn. Go straight on Corso Italia past Piazza Goldoni and enter Corso Umberto Saba. In just a few minutes you will have arrived at Zenzero&Cannella.

From Capodistria/Koper stay on the highway and follow the signs to Trieste Centro, entering the elevated highway (SS202) and taking it to the end. At the stoplight turn left and continue to follow signs to Trieste Centro, going along Viale Campi Elisi, Largo Irneri, Passeggio Sant’Andrea, then along the sea. Pass Piazza Unità (which will be on your right), turn right at the first stoplight (Piazza Tommaseo). Take Canal Piccolo and go straight on Corso Italia. Once past Piazza Goldoni, continue on Corso Umberto Saba.
In a short time you will arrive at Zenzero&Cannella.


Directions: by bus or by plan

By bus

Zenzero&Cannella - Boutique Rooms is easy to reach from anywhere in the city thanks to the many buslines that stop at Largo Barriera Vecchia and at nearby Piazza Goldoni. In particular, buses 20 and 21 start and end their runs at Piazza Libertà (in front of the Train Station on the right side of the square). From here you arrive in Largo Barriera Vecchia in about 5 minutes (get off at the 4th stop). For a complete list of bus schedules:

By plane

From the Trieste Airport – Ronchi dei Legionari, you may come to Zenzero&Cannella - Boutique Rooms by Taxi, which you will find at the airport exit (you may also call and reserve ahead: 040 307730). There is also a bus (number 51) which takes you to the Trieste Bus Station in 55 minutes and costs 3.8 euros. From the bus station (next to the Trieste Centrale Train Station), take the number 20 or 21 bus which stops in front of Zenzero&Canella. For more information:

Largo Barriera Vecchia, 15 - Trieste