Date: 27/01/2020


Winter Sundays: free museums on Sundays throughout Friuli Venezia Giulia until the end of February

In adherence to the project of the Friuli Venezia Giulia Region called "Winter Sundays at the museum in Friuli Venezia Giulia", the locations of the Civic Museums usually paid for will also be open for free. For the second consecutive year, the Region shows great sensitivity towards culture and the very important contribution it makes to the quality of life of citizens In fact, the initiative of Alderman Tiziana Gibelli, called 'Winter Sunday at the museum in Friuli Venezia Giulia', will allow free access to 31 museums ". Winter Sundays: free museums on Sundays throughout the FVG until the end of February " The initiative will take place again on all Sundays in the months of January and February. This in detail the 'map' of the museums open in Trieste and the relative opening hours:

Civic Revoltella Museum / Exhibitions «One hundred and thirty years from the birth of Cesare Sofianopulo (Trieste 1889 - 1968)» and «Mattador Prize - 10 Years of the Artist Prize» - Via Diaz, 27 - hours 9-19

San Giusto Castle / Armeria and Lapidario Tergestino at the Lalio Bastion - Cathedral Square 3 - 10 am-5pm

Civic Museum of Antiquity "J. J. Winckelmann "- Cathedral Square 1 / Cathedral Street, 15 - 10-17 hours

Civic Museo Sartorio / Photographic Exhibition "Civic Museums Award" - Largo Papa Giovanni XXIII, 1 - hours 10-17

Civic Museum of Oriental Art / Events on the occasion of the Chinese New Year and photographic exhibition "The head of the dragon. The first bricks of the Great Wall in an early 20th century Italian photo album »- Via San Sebastiano, 1 - 10-17 hours

Civic Theater Museum "Carlo Schmidl" / Sala Selva, Photographic Exhibition "Views and visions of Porto Vecchio in the shots of the Photo Library of the Civic Museums of History and Art and surroundings" - Via Rossini, 4 - 10-17 hours

Civic Museum of the Risorgimento and Oberdan Shrine - Via XXIV Maggio, 4 - 10-17 hours

Civic War Museum for Peace "Diego de Henriquez" / Exhibition "" Hic manebimus optime ". D’Annunzio in Rijeka "- Via Cumano, 22-24 - 10-17 hours

Civic Museum of the Risiera di San Sabba / National Monument - Via Giovanni Palatucci, 5 - hours 9-17

Civic Museum of Istrian Fiumana and Dalmata - Via Torino, 8 - 10-17 hours

Foiba di Basovizza Documentation Center / National Monument - Basovizza - 10-14 hours

Civic Aquario Marino - Molo Pescheria, 2 - Riva Nazario Sauro, 1 - 10 am-5pm

Civic Natural History Museum / Exhibition «War between archaeologists: the research of Ludwik Karl Moser in the Karst caves» - Via dei Tominz, 4 - 10-17 hours

Civic Museum of the Sea / Sections “Lloyd. Deposit at sight "and" Fishermen you become. Dioramas, models, tables to learn the trade "- Warehouse 26 in Porto Vecchio - 10 am-5pm