Datum: 10/01/2020


Aperitifs in music! The most beautiful soundtracks

The season of "Aperitifs in music" of the School of Civic Music "G. Verdi" Wind Orchestra - City of Trieste continues with an appointment with free admission dedicated to the most beautiful soundtracks scheduled for Thursday 30 January starting at 6 pm Tommaseo coffee.
The professor. Giovanni Baldini, curator of the Aperitifs in Music and President of the Civic Wind Orchestra "G. Verdi" - City of Trieste, will be able to fascinate us with the most beautiful soundtracks in the history of cinema.
How many times has a single song from a movie changed the way we love and remember it? Together with Prof. Baldini we will learn to recognize the best soundtracks of all time, grasping their merits also looking from the perspective of those who composed them. Nino Rota, Ennio Morricone, John Williams and also some extraordinary (but less known) authors will compose the cast of this "Hollywood" aperitif.
Thanks to the indispensable contribution of the Kathleen Foreman Casali Charitable Foundation, this appointment with the "Aperitifs in music" is also free and at the end of the lesson-concert an aperitif will be offered to continue talking about music together.